Cookies & Pastries
mocha cake
strawberry cake
tiramisu cake
1-Mocha Cake
2-Strawberry Cake
3-Tiramisu Cake
cheese cake
cheese cake oval
black forest
vanilla with walnut
5-Cheese Cake
6-Cheese Cake Oval
7-Black Forest Cake
8-Vanilla Cake with Walnut
mini fruit tart-honey dew
mini kiwi tart
mini mango tart
mini strawberry tart
9-Mini Honey Dew Tart
10-MIni Kiwi Tart
11-MIni Mango Tart
12-Mini Strawberry Tart
cream puff
egg tart
chocolate pudding
13-Cream Puff
14-Egg Tart
almond cookie
almond cookeie thin
almond crispy
butter cookie
17-Almond Cookies
18-Almond Thin Cookies
19-Almond Crispy Cookies
20-Butter Cookies
chocolate cookies
chocolate walnut
cocunut cookies
coffee walnut cookies
21-Chocolate Chunks Cookies
22-Chocolate Walnut Cookies
23-Coconut Cookies
24-Coffee Walnut Butter Cookies
Cookies Chip
dry pork cookies
egg white cookies
wheat raisin cookies
25-Cookies Chip
26-Dry Pork Cookies
27-Egg White Butter Cookies
28-Wheat Raisin Cookies
wife cake
pineapple cake
sushi roll
29-Wife Cake-Winter Melon
30-Pinapple Cake
31-Sushi Roll
mocha tiger
vanilla roll
tuna sandwiches
ham egg sandwich
33-Mocha Tiger Roll
34-Vanilla Cake
35-Tuna Sandwiches
36-Ham Egg Sandwiches
sponge cake
dates walnut cake
bake daikon
puff cookies
37-Sponge Cake
38-Dates Walnut Cake
39-Bake Daikon Cake
40-Puff Cookies
dry cherry
dry guava
dry plum
milk bread
41-Dry Cherry
42-Dry Guava
43-Dry Plum
44-Milk Bread
46-Meat Bun
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